Messages from the Akashic Records

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  • Monthly Message:  Members can read and refer back to the entire monthly message at any time.
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  • Daily Inspirations:  Members will have access to specific daily messages to help plan, inspire, and work with each day's unique energy.
  • Archives: Members can review archived messages dating back to 2005. This tool is useful for reflection upon life events and evolving patterns.

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There is a unique place in the Akashic Records for every period of time.  We can access the Records of any moment in time, whether it be as brief as a minute or as long as an eon.  As we approach each new day, week, and month, the energy for that time comes into form. Jen channels specific messages from the Akashic Records that contain important information about each month, each week, and even each day. Access these messages for guidance on how to best work with the energetic potentials for each time as you enter it.

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