December 2016 Message

An Excerpt from the Akashic Records Message of December 2016

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What energy and experiences can we expect in December 2016?

This is a time for forgiveness and profound rest. This is like a timeout from everyday life. It offers a chance for everyone to regroup and re-energize. There will be nothing more useful this month than creating, settling into, and relishing stillness.

The two key words for the month are forgiveness and rest. Forgiveness, for this month, means that you let things go in a profound way. Let go of the things you have lost. Let go of the things you have been fighting for. Let go of the things you have won, as well. Let go of gloating or boasting. Let go of relishing a win or grieving a loss. It is time to let go of the entire game that says you either win or you lose. It is time to drop your attachments and really explore what it really feels like to be completely at one with everyone around you -- even with those who disagree with you.

This is a time to embrace the fact that you are At One with both all that you consider to be good, and also with those things you do not like. Consider that you are At One with those who have taken something from you, and those that you have triumphed over. It is time to drop the game of winning and losing and simply embrace the fact that you are in this together no matter what your opinions may be, and no matter what your experience may have been


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