July 2016 Message

From the Akashic Records: An Excerpt from the Message of July 2016

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What energy and experiences can we expect in July 2016?

This month brings a time of challenge. Everyone will be challenged in very particular ways based on your unique lives. The best way to approach this month is to consider it as a trial -- not a legal trial, but an athletic trial. You will be challenged on your skills based on what life lessons your soul has in store for you. This is an opportunity for you to assess how well you are doing and where you still need to work more.

Depending on who you are, this could include any type of life skill. It might be your relationship skills, or a healing process. I may include skills with your psychic abilities, or it could involve something you do at work. There are endless possibilities for what you may be testing yourself on this month.  This is not about how well you impress others or how well you perform in the world around you. Instead, these are the skills it takes you to be the best version of yourself you can be.

It will be incredibly important to identify for yourself what your trials are. Use the following questions to identify your challenges. What are the things that are hardest for you to face in your life at this time?  What are the things that are most difficult for you to work on?  What are the issues that arise over and over again, despite your best efforts to resolve them?

Look at these both in terms of your overall soul path and also in specific terms -- in terms of what exactly is happening in your life.  Who is bothering you?  What is going on at work? What are the specific, real life experiences that you are facing on a daily or weekly basis this month? Think ahead to what these will be and consider how you can best learn the bigger lesson. Find ways to best approach the overall, long-term learning for you, rather than being wrapped up in getting everything right this month.

You can think about yourself as if you were an athlete in the human experience going to the Olympic trials and facing the truth about where your strengths are, where your weaknesses are, and what you want to work on to be prepared for your challenges. This can feel scary and overwhelming, but it can also feel exciting and empowering. You are likely to feel a mixture of both this month, but do what you can to focus on feeling empowered.

Step past the people who are pulling you back – just as an athlete would stop taking calls at some point before the race, or they would stop spending time with people who are negative. Athletes at a high, elite level have to be careful about who they talk to, what they think about, what they eat, and how well they sleep the night before. In the same way for you, be more particular about protecting your time and space in order to enable the best possible you that you can be.



Are there particular activities that we can use this month to harness the energy?

Remember that the trials you are facing are all about Love. The energy of the world and of life itself is based on Love. Especially this year, everything that occurs is helping you expand your sense of Love and compassion for yourself and others. The trials you are facing are to help expand your capacity for Love. Although a trial can feel lonely unfair, do not forget that whatever you are facing is a gift to help you find the places where there could be more Love. You must choose to make room for more Love in your heart. Be sure that you remain loving and tender with yourself, and understanding of others, despite the fact you are facing trials this month.

You may see an interesting dynamic in regard to self-love this month. You might imagine self-love can look like holding a blanket around yourself, resting and protecting yourself. Yet the self-love you are reaching for this month involves going out and facing the world with strength. This self-love is taking a deep breath, standing tall, and running as fast as you can. There is great love in embracing and going for it, whatever “it” might be. This could involve anything in your life. You might be looking for a new job or you might be getting married or you might be getting divorced. Whatever you are doing, consider how your current challenge is a chance for you to run forward to bigger Love in your life. Let your self-care this month be the actions you take in the face of trials...


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