January 2017 Message

An Excerpt from the Akashic Records Message of January 2017

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What energy and experiences can we expect in January 2017?

The energy this month is like a vast expanse. It looks like a huge, open field of energy. One way to interpret this is that it is devoid of energy, being defined by its emptiness. Yet you can also see it as being filled with possibility. This month has an openness in which things can be created. It is a vast space in which you can dance and play and run and fight.

There is really a sense of wide ranging possibility this month. The feeling is that, just as you might feel stepping into a big open arena, there is a sense of caution that would be useful for you to bring into this month. It is not that there is danger so much as that you are entering a vast, unknown territory. It is useful to take your time. Before each step, take some time to look around you in regard to everything in your life. Pause for a moment before you make a decision, meet up with a friend, commit to a plan, and even before you begin the day.

Every time you begin something new this month, take a moment to look around. Consider questions such as, “What do I notice here?  How do I feel about this before it begins?  Why am I doing this?”  To question yourself and question the situation gently each time you begin is a way to add caution and wisdom as you step into this vast expanse. It will help you stay grounded, avoid mistakes, and eventually get to know this new territory. This is not a time for barreling forward through all of your usual habits and routines. This month use caution, not because there is danger, but because you are in new territory.


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