August 2016 Message

From the Akashic Records: An Excerpt from the Message of August 2016

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What energy and experiences can we expect in August 2016?

The energy this month involves bringing together what has been split apart. Some of the words for the month are reunite, resolve, rejoin, recompose, and review. There is a sense of everything being woven back together. Indeed, most of you this month will be stitching together the pieces of the new you. 

Throughout the last year, parts of you have been growing fast and other parts have been struggling to keep up. Much of what has needed to happen is deep healing, which includes facing the parts of your heart that were missing love. What happens in August is that you have grown enough love and you have faced enough of those shadow sides that you can begin to bring together a new version of yourself – one with a far greater capacity for love. You may not see that greater capacity for love yet and you may not really feel that everything makes sense, but the restitching and weaving together is taking place this month. 

What you will find is resolution. Conflicts may be resolved and questions may finally be answered. You might make peace with parts of yourself, and you may reunite with people around you. It is a time when conflicts will take on a new shape -- one that shows how they will be resolved. 

Much of this is happening in such a big way that you cannot really control it or predict it. You can move along with it by choosing to be as gracious and forgiving as possible. Step into opportunities that will arise for resolution and reunification. The overall energy of the month is beautiful. It is a beautiful energy, and it can be a beautiful time. But if you are holding grudges or being too hard on yourself, you will miss the beauty. Really commit yourself to having an attitude of forgiveness for yourself and others throughout the month.



Are there any activities that will help us harness this energy best?

It seems more important than ever that you take some quiet time to center yourself before every conversation. It might just be a couple of deep breaths, or it might be a whole hour of meditation depending upon your schedule and the nature of the conversation. 

Before you pick up the phone, before you respond to a text, before you walk into a meeting, or before you join someone for a social event -- every time you enter into an interaction with another person, take whatever time you can to center yourself, open your heart, and allow yourself to relax a bit with a few deep breaths. If you have more time, use meditation or journaling to consider what is in your heart about this person or the upcoming event. Take a little time to be grounded before you enter into conversations. 

This month, you cannot afford the consequences of haphazard engagement. It is not a time for flippant conversation or remarks. This is a time to strive to bring a sense of meaning and of heartfelt sincerity to whatever interactions you may have. This will be true whether it is a small moment like speaking with someone in line at the store, or a deeper thing like a colleague in a meeting, or whether it is a much deeper thing like an argument with your mother. Any way when you interact with people, try to get your feet planted firmly on the ground, try to be at peace within yourself, and speak with people from that place. 



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