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(Excerpt from the Featured Topic Channeling for July 26 - August 1, 2015)



July 26 - August 1,  2015


An Akashic Perspective on Healing


Can it be as effective to do healing work while walking on the beach (for example) or do we need to be sitting in a meditative frame of mind?  

This depends on the situation you find yourself in.  If you feel dissonance or distraction in regard to the situation, if you have personal attachments to the situation, then it is best to use a meditative activity.  For some of you, walking on the beach is a meditative activity.  It brings you into that meditative state.  For some of you, walking on the beach can cause a distraction.  That will be different depending on the days.  So that if every day you walk on the beach and find it to be very meditative, but today you walk on the beach and you find yourself distracted, then go home or go to a meditative center or go to a yoga class or go somewhere else to achieve that meditative state.  Somewhere that will not distract you.  If you usually can focus very well sitting in a meditative state, but today you feel distracted, try something new.  Try going to the beach.  The thing that makes a meditation effective, the thing that makes a prayer effective, is first and foremost, your ability to enter that state of freedom, of feeling a sense of love, a sense of well being and a sense of trust in the universe.  Whatever you need to do to achieve that is a meditative or prayerful practice. 


Is it better to pray for each person individually one at a time, or can I put them all in a batch and see them together and hold the light for them all together?

Because the light is infinite and it is non-linear, you can hold the whole world in a batch together and it is just as effective as sending the light to a single person.  That being said, there is a benefit to drawing your attention to more singular units and that can be a single person or a single group.  When you are sending this healing light, we have said first and foremost you need to enter that state of self-love or that meditative prayerful state.  The second thing is, you need to have a heart connection in order to provide the channel from you to the other entity.  If you know whom you are praying for, then go ahead and pray for that one person.  It creates a resonance, a deepening of the channel if you have a more singular attachment.  The bottom line is sending healing light and sending love only works to the extent of the other person or the other entity is willing to receive it. 


If someone's higher self needs to walk through shadow right now, you can send all the light you want and it will not be transmitted.  It will be held in reserve for them...
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