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(Excerpt from the Featured Topic Channeling for June 28 - July 4, 2015)



An Akashic Perspective on Religion


Please tell us about religious groups that claim to be the only true explanation for creation.

All religious groups and religious practices have a valid and important place in your world.  Because the human family is inherently diverse, every single one of you has a slightly different path toward the Divine.  Every single one of you, as you connect with the Divine, are connecting through your Higher Self and connecting with your Higher Self.  No one else is connected to your Higher Self -- they are all connected to their own Higher Selves.  Each of you has a different path.  Therefore, none of you can know for another which path is right.   

It is incredibly useful for you to have different kinds of spiritual practices.  Some of these come in the form of religions; some of them come in the form of self-help books or meditations.  There are infinite different kinds of spiritual practices available, including those that occur by “accident” or that you invent based on your needs in a particular moment.  None of these practices will be fully right for you at all times because, in order to maintain a sense of consistency in definition in your society, they must remain relatively static.

A religion, once it establishes its primary tenets and practices, cannot change them constantly because otherwise the meaning of the religion itself is diffused.  People cannot tell what the religion represents if it is always changing.  But you are always changing.  You are constantly changing, so your personal spiritual practice must change in order to remain true for you.  Every single one of you is served by exploring different sets of religious practices, choosing those that serve you best at the time that you need them, but continually being willing to see benefit, the truth and the potential of other practices.  Not one of you will be completely served through any one single religion or set of practices at all times.

All of that being said, most of you will find a sense of a spiritual home in one corner of your social religious landscape, meaning that there is no harm and there can be great benefit in choosing a religion or choosing a particular paradigm or set of practices that seem to best help you access your sense of peace of expanding love, compassion, wisdom and forgiveness.  The key is to never imagine that your path or practice that you are using, is the only one for you -- and to never imagine that any one practice will serve every human being in the world.  Neither of those things is possible because all of you are different and because all of you are changing.

Some people will tell you that they provide the one true path to the Divine.  This is never true.  This sentiment arises when people get attached to a single religious practice and then, in order to validate their choice, they strive to reinforce the idea that it is the right one by convincing others to join them.  This helps them feel as if they have made the proper or valid choice.  It is vastly useful for you to share spiritual practices with one another, but never imagine that any one of them is permanently “right,” or that it will apply to everyone.

The bottom line is this -- all religious and spiritual practice initiates with choice and choice can never go away.  In order to truly take advantage of the benefits of any religious practice, especially as you move through Enlightenment, it becomes necessary that you continue to choose it over and over and over again.  You cannot make the choice once and cease choosing it forever, and still move through Enlightenment.  Choosing something permanently requires that you cease looking at it with fresh eyes -- that you cease shining the Light into all the dark corners of it.  It is necessary, if you are going to move through Enlightenment, that you continually reassess your religious practices and you continually explore new ones, looking for new corners and approaches to your own Divinity.  There is no single right way to do it.

At what point in the history of the universe did individual beings come to be?  Is there one primary creator?

There is one primary creative impulse, but there is no single being who is the primary creator of the universe.  You are all part of that primary creative impulse.  There is no best way to conceive of this primary creative impulse; there are many way to conceive of it, which is the reason you have many different religious theories or perspectives.  While there is not a best way, the most universally understood way from the human perspective to conceive of that impulse is as the creative energy of love.  You are all a part of this creative force of love

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