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August 30 - September 5,  2015


An Akashic Perspective on Lightworkers


Why are so many Light workers feeling tired lately?  Are we burning out?  Is there something we are supposed to do to fix this?

Many Lightworkers are feeling tired right now, and many others are feeling energized and excited.  The difference between those two groups is not who is doing well and who is not; it is not a punishment or a reward.  It is simply a reflection of whether you have stepped into new ways of doing your work and living your lives.  It is reflection of how thoroughly you have shifted the structures in your lives during 2011.

Just as the guideline for everyone at this time on Planet Earth say it is time to do everything in a new way, it is also true for Light work.  What has happened is that those few who have identified yourselves as Lightworkers in the last thirty years, you have done a beautiful job of stepping into the role of healing and helping, of serving and of awakening the people around you.  As you have stepped into that role, based on your own life situation, your own social situation, and your own personal belief systems and patterns and wounds -- each of you has applied some limiting beliefs to the work that you do as a Lightworker.  There are ways you limit the Light that you bring.  Do not worry – this is only human and there is nothing wrong with you.  And yet it is time to change.

There are patterns and limiting beliefs that you were acquired at a young age and now apply to your work.  Some of you do some of your work out of duty or obligation, because that is a pattern you were taught when you were young.  Some of you do your work in a perpetual search for a living wage because somewhere deep down you have not allowed yourself to believe that you are worthy of getting the money that you need.  Some of you have applied an old pattern or belief system of superiority to your Light work, feeling as though because you are a Lightworker and you are doing this work in Enlightenment, that it would somehow diminish you if you did something else.  When in fact, the truth about Light work is that it can and it does occur in every situation.  You can be a bagger at the market checkout stand and be an incredible Lightworker -- a powerful bringer of Light to everyone who crosses your path.  On the flipside, you could be a massage therapist or an energy healer who brings guilt and frustration to your work so that the Light you shine is not as bright as it could be.  You must release your judgments about what work is Light work and accept that everything that can be done in this world is sacred.

It is time to expand your definition of what it means to be a Lightworker.  It is time to expand your identity as a Lightworker to include everyone around you.  It is time then to start looking around and noticing that the most mundane situation can be filled with Light.  It is time to look around and start noticing that the most unassuming, quiet person in the room might be the one who is bringing the most Light.  It is time to see how people who have not identified themselves as Lightworkers are actually on your team bringing Light and Love, and compassion and humor, into every situation along with you.  The pressure is released from you.  You can start to let go of all these limiting beliefs that you have carried into the identity of Light worker.

For those of you who are Lightworkers and struggling at this time, take a fresh look at the patterns in your life that might be holding you back.  There is a new layer here for you to heal and release.  Ultimately, what this will mean for many of you is that you will begin to engage in more everyday life activities that are not overtly spiritual, but that allow you to bring joy and happiness into everyday situations in a way that can create stronger ripples of Light in the world.  The reason that you are feeling tired lately is that there is a new layer for you to release and let go of.  A lot of that has to do with the identity of Light work itself.  It is time to take a careful look at what you have attached to that identity -- what parts of your ego you have attached to that identity.  It is time to let those go.

The question of burning out is that some of you are burning out because you are dragging around this old baggage through your identity of Lightworker.  But you are not burning out permanently.  Once you identify yourself as a Lightworker, you can never go back.  Once you have identified yourself as a human angel, you can never go back.  You will always be drawn to bringing more Light into every situation you are in, so you do not need to try so hard to “act the part.”  This gives you the freedom to be in any situation you want as long as it is a situation that is healthy and respectful of you and those around you.

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