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(Excerpt from the Featured Topic Channeling for March 1 - 7, 2015)


An Akashic Perspective on the Human Mind


Can you share some ideas on how we can more easily access our creativity and how this can contribute to living our life more consciously?

There are countless different exercises or activities you can engage to awaken your creativity.  For most of you at this point, your creativity is trying so hard to awaken that most of what you need to do is just get out of your own way.  We will give you a few ideas to just help approach this.  For those of you who do not feel as if you are accessing your creativity or you do not think of yourselves as creative, the first place to start is to try this exercise.  At the end of every day take out a piece of paper and list the number 1 through 10 going down in a column on a sheet of paper.  For each one of those numbers, write down some way you applied creativity to your day.  Maybe you thought of a new way to drive home that was shorter.  You have to think creatively in order to come up with something that you have never done before.  Maybe something broke in your kitchen and you thought of a different thing you could use to accomplish the same task.  Maybe you could not find any dishtowels and so you used an oven mitt to wipe something off.  That is thinking creatively.  You creatively come up with something that is not its traditional use that you would not have thought of without your creativity.  It can be those very basic kinds of things.

What you will begin to recognize once you pay attention to your creativity and validate that it actually exists however small or mundane it appears at first.  What you are going to start to notice if you do this every night for weeks, is that you are going to start to notice that you actually come up with more creative solutions more often on an everyday basis.  With the tiny gift of paying more attention to your creativity.  Your creativity is going to blossom.  Your awareness of that creativity will be sharper because you have actually been paying attention.  That exercise will benefit anyone, but especially those of you who struggle to connect with your creativity or who do not view yourselves as being very creative.

Another exercise that will benefit many of you is - this is a very simple exercise - I was waiting for it to be more complex - it will serve you to find a way to physically be upside down once a day or every few days.  There is something that happens physically in the brain in terms of the physiology of your brain and the chemistry, the chemicals that affect the way you think.  Where if you are upside down, if your eyes are below your mouth, if your head is upside down, then your mind has to adjust everything about the way it is seeing the world.

You do not have to think about this consciously.  Your mind automatically does it, but when you do that it actually forces you into creativity.  It forces your brain to be creative.  Just to survive or to make sense of being upside down.  When you awaken your creativity in that way, it becomes activated.  It becomes more available to you for the rest of the day.  For some of you, you might just stand up against a wall and then bend down at the hips so that your head is hanging down so that you are hanging down from your hips.  For some of you, you know you might lean over the side of the couch.  For those of you who are more agile, you might decide to do a handstand or a headstand.  Do not do anything that your body is not ready for.  Work within the level of your fitness and flexibility, but find a way for your head to be upside down so that your brain can experience that new orientation.  This is simple but it will make a difference.

There is a third activity the Keepers are going to give.  Choose something that you do every day that you can do with your eyes closed for five minutes or longer.  This could be some part of your work or it could be a hobby like knitting or painting or even walking as long as you make sure that you are safe.  It can also be gardening, like the act of planting or weeding to do it with your eyes closed completely for five minutes.  This also, like being upside down awakens your creativity.  It draws your other senses into your process of thinking.  Therefore it helps you think more holistically which is inherently more creative.

Something that many of you are aware of but might not take very seriously is the power of having a hobby or creative outlet.  Even if you are not very good at the hobby, it does not matter.  If you do something that requires you to make something out of nothing, to decide how objects are placed in space, then you are awakening your creativity.  This can include painting, knitting, gardening, drawing, and sculpture.  It also includes building things, like building furniture.  It does not need to be something that is officially considered to be artistic.  It needs to involve you creating something where a physical thing did not exist before.  It needs to involve the process of you making decisions about which parts fit where and how to place them.  That action is the truest kind of most resonant action that a mind can take.  It is the most creative action that a mind can take.  It resonates the most with your creativity.  Those are some of the activities.

There are so many books and teachings about awakening your creativity and all of them can work.  The thing that will probably serve you best as you pursue your creativity is that thing we said first; validate the fact that you are already creative.  Validate, recognize, honor and play with the ways you already think creatively.  Every single one of you thinks creatively every single day. 

I would like to know about the interaction between science and art.  We have been taught to see them as being different, but I wonder how they relate to each other.  How can we use them to make the world a better place?

From the perspective of the Records, art and science are just viewpoints or pathways you have laid to make sense of the world.  They are cognitive frameworks through which to look at the world and make sense of it.  Ultimately, you are looking at the same things just through different perspectives when you are using art or science.

Science and art are not mutually exclusive.  In many ways, science is an art.  The characteristics you assign to art such as being inherently creative, like some of the characteristics you assign to art include that art is creative, non-structured, that it operates outside of the box.  Those characteristics can actually be assigned to science if you really think about it and vice versa.  The characteristics that you assign to science, such as being logical, linear or problem based also can be used to describe art.  Truly the duality that some of you see between science and art is manufactured just like the practices of science and art are in some ways manufactured by human beings.  You have developed these pathways as humans over many generations as ways of exploring the world.  The dividing line that you have drawn between these two pathways ultimately does not have any meaning aside from what you give it...


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