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(Excerpt from the Featured Topic Channeling for October 26 - November 1, 2014)


An Akashic Perspective on Human Evolution



What are the origins of humanity on earth?  Did we evolve from existing plant and animal life or did some of us come from other planets or other spiritual locations?

It is not one or the other -- it is both.  The physical form of humanity evolved from plant and animal life.  What your science has discovered regarding physical evolution is true -- your physical form and all of the physical structures that hold your soul and your DNA – those parts of you did evolve from other life forms on Planet Earth.  You did evolve from plants and animals, and eventually primates, into what you now know to be the human form.  That process of physical evolution did occur and any person living in a physical body, has agreed to step into that evolutionary line.

Another thing that happens is that every one of you has a soul and every soul has a cosmic origin.  All of you come from some higher place.  Like you could say it is a higher dimension, and so you could say every one of you, at some level, is alien or foreign.  Each one of you has a unique spiritual heritage that combines with the physical heritage or evolutionary line of humanity when you become a human being.  The combination of those two things is what makes you human.  You cannot be just one and still be a human being.  A human being is the unique combination of having a spiritual lineage and a physical, biological bloodline.  So all of you evolved from existing plant and animal life and all of you have come from some other place.  Some of you are very closely connected to a planet or a star; others are connected to a family of divine beings such as angels.  How those two lineages are combined depends on who you are but both of those things are true for the origins of humanity.

There are rare circumstances in which someone enters the human form without going through the usual biological steps.  Most of you, 99.9% of you, were born biologically.  You were conceived, you gestated inside your mother's womb and then you were born just like every other mammal -- and so you are living completely within the physical evolutionary line of the physical human form that is part of nature.  Some people who appear in your lives do not come into form that way.  It is possible for a soul to walk into a physical body without being born in the traditional way.  When that happens, it is typically a soul who is coming from a higher place, coming from a spiritual realm like the angelic realm or coming from some other star system.  Some of you like to use a word, aliens, but these are not really aliens in the traditional form.  It is just a way of entering a human body and a human life.  For some of you, you need to experience something very specific as an adult and you do not have an interest or a need from a higher level to walk through the whole process of being conceived, born and growing up as a child and so you walk into a human form.  This is very, very rare, but it does happen.

How can we determine, or find out, what our spiritual ancestry is?

The first step is to accept the fact that you have a spiritual ancestry.  As soon as you let go of the question of whether or not you do and you just embrace the idea that you do, then some information will begin to occur to you.  It will occur to you that you have always been drawn to a particular star when you look in the heavens.  It will occur to you that you have always felt fascinated by angels or other kinds of divine energies.  You might have always been fascinated with a particular kind of animal because that animal might represent the spiritual lineage that you are a part of.  Animal totems exist to help give you information about your spiritual lineage.  If you feel closely aligned with a type of animal, for example bear or eagle, that alignment is telling you that the attributes you assign to those animals are closely aligned with the attributes of your own spiritual heritage.  The strength of bear, or the keen sight of eagle, are reflections of your own spiritual lineage...


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