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(Excerpt from the Featured Topic Channeling for January 25 - 31, 2015)


An Akashic Perspective on Spiritual Practice


Why is meditation practice important in order for one to be connected to the source?

Any given meditation practice is not necessarily important.  It depends on who you are.  Some of you will have certain meditation practices be a perfect fit for connecting you in source, others of you will not.  The thing that is important about meditation, as you have all defined it as what we are going to call “silence”.  Silence is important for connecting with source.  Meditation practice is one of the most direct ways to enter silence.  Different practices lead you there in different ways and all of them are fine, though some of them will not be fine for some of you.  Silence is important because source, or God, or the divine, whatever you want to call it, is not something that you reach for, it is something that you remember.  The fact is you are the Divine.  You are a part of Source.  

The process of connecting with Source, connecting with God, requires some degree of inner silence.  It is in that inner silence that you remember who you really are.  It is in that inner silence that your mind can come to a realization of what it feels like to be your true self.  Now keep in mind that meditation practice, often the first section or phase of meditation practice, involves a lot of discomfort.  What you first come up with is not who you truly are but all of the blocks, fears and baggage that has been piled upon you.  Do not imagine that is who you truly are.  As long as you are grappling with that you are not really in the silence quite yet.  It is worthwhile to keep waiting for it because eventually after enough practice or waiting, you come to true silence; the silence that is who you truly are is your best way of perceiving the divine or source.  Any given meditation practice is not necessary for this but silence is necessary; inner contemplative, peaceful, loving silence.  Any spiritual practice that helps you find that over and over again is beneficial.

Why do I feel my connection to the source fade over a period of time once I have been awakened and reminded of my soul spirit?

This is one of the reasons that spiritual practice is not a singular event -- it is an ongoing process.  Spiritual practice is always meant to be returned to time and time again.  The way that this works is all of you are divine beings and all of you are human beings.  Part of being human and living in the human world is experiencing fragmentation or separation, experiencing yourselves as separate from one another or separate from the divine.  While it is not actually true that you are separate, it is true for your experience here as long as you are a human being, there is a truth in experience.  You do experience yourselves as separate.  The ebb and flow of being human involves moving in and out of your true self.  This occurs in all kinds of ways.  You fall in and out of alignment.  You fall in and out of feeling good or bad, in and out of love with yourselves and each other...


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