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(Excerpt from the Featured Topic Channeling for November 2 - 8, 2014)


An Akashic Perspective on Children



What is the nature of children being born at this time?  How are the changes humanity is going through affecting these new beings, or are they affecting or reflecting the path humanity is taking?

Children today are fundamentally different from children thirty years ago or beyond.  Children today are affecting the path of humanity more than the path of humanity is affecting children today.  For the most part, each new year brings children into the world who are a few steps ahead of where humanity will be as they grow up.  That means more than ever  that children are leading by example.  It is the responsibility of adults to follow the example set by the magical children in their lives.  It would be unfair to ask children to actually lead humanity, for any individual child is fully occupied surviving the particular pressures and dynamics of their childhood.

One of the particular challenges that exists for children in each progressive generation is that children are born with less limitation inherent in who they are than their elders.  Part of becoming human involves forgetting your divinity; it involves forgetting your true nature, which is what makes you human in the first place.  This forgetting enables you to be uncertain about things and experience suffering, mystery and separation from one another.  The gift of forgetting is that you can then create a path can lead you to rectify all of that and find wholeness.  That is the magic of being human.  The children of today have contracts that do not involve the same degree of limitation or forgetting.  In other words, today’s children have a firmer, stronger, more clear sense of who they really are.  They may not find the words for it because the people teaching them words do not remember their own divinity.  One of the primary challenges faced by children today is that they come into the world with a distinct sense of themselves as spiritual beings, as divine beings, and a deep and abiding perspective of every other human as being divine and full of love.

It is more disorienting for children than it ever has been before on Planet Earth to encounter the idea that you are not divine or to encounter the illusion of anything other than goodness.  You will find that children today often struggle more than children did in the past.  When they are placed in situations where their divinity is not supported, in situations where they are not given an enormous amount of love or the ability to love, they become disoriented.  The opportunity children need most is the ability to love.  Children can get by much easier being deprived of love and affection than they can survive being deprived of someone to love.  If a child has someone to love, they can hold onto that and it can help them through a great deal of suffering or struggle.

The nature of the children being born at this time is that they are lighter and that their experience is heavier or more of a struggle.  This is one of the reasons that you see more physical syndromes being diagnosed in children.  A higher percentage of children in the world have asthma, allergies, diabetes, behavioral disorders or autism.  All these diagnoses and more are on the rise for various reasons.  There is a physical reason based on the pollution of your planet and the toxins in your air and water.  In conjunction with that, children’s bodies are inherently more sensitive to their environments.  They are born with a higher vibration.  Their bodies cannot as easily absorb and manage toxins because their bodies are not as energetically dense as the bodies of children in the past.  You will actually find that children will be more prone to eating healthy foods when they are offered than they may have been twenty or thirty years ago.  Children are more likely to sleep at odd hours but sleep more than children would have in the past.  If someone who raised children many years ago tells you that your child is sleeping too much, it may not matter.  It may not matter that your child is sleeping more often or less regularly than a child would have thirty years ago.  Do not worry yourself too much as long as your child is sleeping at least 10 hours of every 24 hour period.  You will find that the nature of children being born at this time will be more erratic if you try to compare it to an externally-defined system.  If you allow your children to develop their own rhythms for sleep or eating, you will actually find that they do have patterns that are quite unique to each of them and can evolve into a very healthy pattern.  Support them as they listen and respond to their individual needs and patterns. 

Is there a good way to help children deal with nightmares and fears?

There are two answers – one based on normal childhood development and one based on nightmares that arise from trauma.

Again the answer to this question depends on your family norms and it depends on the situation that your child finds himself in.  There are some common threads for children and nightmares.  One of the common threads is that the experience of nightmares is common and it is a common response to a natural phase of childhood.  This is the phase in which children begin to understand that their reality is not always consistent with consensual reality, with the reality that those around them define as reality.

All babies are born with the ability to comprehend nonphysical Beings.  In fact, for the first few weeks of infancy, babies are more aware of nonphysical entities than they are of physical ones.  They cannot differentiate between you as a physical body and you as an energetic entity except by physical touch.  They can tell that there is warmth, heat and sound, but the intensity of feeling they have in response to your energy is just as strong regardless of whether you appear in a body or in spirit...


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