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(Excerpt from the Featured Topic Channeling for April 13 – 19, 2014)


An Akashic Perspective on Food



What is our relationship with eating meat? Is there harm in eating meat and is it inherently better to eat a vegetarian diet?

In the most basic sense, your human bodies are made to digest meat for a reason. It is possible to have a diet that includes meat and be in perfect balance, and this requires that you be conscious of the fact that meat is different from plant-based food. Meat comes from sentient beings who have an individual soul, and the energy of that being is carried with its flesh when you eat it.

You are part of a physical food chain and part of an ecosystem that puts you in close connection with the animal world and the plant world. That connection, including the ways you rely on one another to survive in a physical sense, is a beautiful thing. This world was constructed to have the food chain relationships in order to teach you and remind you about interconnectedness. Humans at their best, when you are aware of your connection and your dependence on other living beings to survive, then it is very healthy to eat meat. When you are aware of that connection, you easily make choices about when taking another life, the life of an animal, is worthwhile for your benefit.

But as many of you know, there is a system in place in the world now, and especially in the developed world, in which that inherent connection you have to the bodies of animals has been cut off. Your minds are not made to be aware of it. Meat is processed and packaged in ways that reduce your awareness of the animals that you are eating. When you eat without consciousness, you tend to eat meat in a way that is more haphazard and less respectful of animal life. When this happens, eating makes you less connected to that spiritual and physical interdependence. When you are eating that way, as you eat meat - and for that matter, as you eat plants too - if you are not aware of where it came from and you are not aware of the spiritual energetic connection that you are participating in, you are eating without consciousness. When you do that, your body does not absorb the nutrition as well and your energy is affected negatively.

On the other hand, when you make food choices and eat with consciousness, then eating becomes a celebration and strengthener for interdependence and divine life force. The most important thing you can do, regardless of what you eat, is to bring a sense of consciousness to what you are doing. Think about and be aware of your food. Take a moment to feel connection and gratitude for the beings that you are ingesting, for the lives that once existed and that are now serving your life. This is not meant to lead to guilt. You are not meant to feel that consciousness as an apology. You are meant to feel it as a celebration of interdependence. One of the most beautiful and important dynamics in this world is the interdependence among all of you for life to continue. If you will take a moment to be aware of and honor that, you will set the stage for a very healthy relationship with food. That consciousness over time will bring you to quite a natural balance for your body in terms of what amount of meat makes sense. If you are aware every time you take a bite of meat that there was an animal who lived, it will reduce the amount of meat that you eat. Based on the empathy and the love that you are cultivating in your heart, you will easily choose to eat less meat simply because you will recognize that there are times when you could eat meat but do not need to. The life of that animal might not be worth an accidental snack. But it may be worth a meal when your body is tired, or a meal to celebrate with family.

Animal flesh does contain kind of a stronger life force because it has collected the life force of all the plants eaten by the animal. There is a density of nutrition in animal flesh that you may choose at times because you have a good reason to bring that into your body. You will do that with a consciousness and it is that consciousness that will make the biggest difference.

That being said, because of the nature of how animals are raised and slaughtered and processed, often by the time meat reaches your table, it carries an energetic load that is not useful for your energetic system. The pain the animal suffered is collected energetically and even in some ways chemically in their muscle tissue. The fear they experience at the moment of death is imprinted in that flesh and then the transportation reduces the nourishment of the meat itself. If you eat meat, and also if you eat plants, with all food this is useful but especially if you eat meat, be sure to take a moment to release the fear and suffering. To honor, be grateful for, and send Light to the spirit of that animal wherever they may be. You can reduce the karmic load of that meat with a prayer before you ingest it.

As you ingest it, be aware of the emotions that move through you. You may find yourself feeling more irritable later that day and in some regard it is possible that you have absorbed the fear imprinted in the food you have eaten. So be sure that you are consistently aware of what you feel as you eat and to really ask yourself, “Is this necessary for my well-being now? Is there a conscious reason for me to choose to eat this particular thing at this particular time?” That kind of consciousness will serve you with a vegetarian diet and a diet that includes meat. But it is especially important that you bring it to a diet that includes meat.

How can we use food in our daily lives to be a source of healing?

You can find a great deal of information on this based on scientific discoveries, including the dangers of using synthetic chemicals in your food, and the benefits of nutrients and other naturally-occurring chemicals that exist in food.  Rather than repeat these, we will give you more information about the energetic dynamics involved in food.

Food is energy.  This concept is well-known on a biological level.  When you eat food and metabolize it, the energy stored in the food becomes energy available to your body.  It is useful to use this fact to represent a metaphor.  Food is energy.  Whatever you take in energetically becomes part of who you are energetically.  If you eat parts from an animal who was terrified for most of its life, you take in the energy of that terror.  If you eat vegetables that were grown on a small farm by a family who laughed together as they harvested, you take in the energy of that laughter.  Each of you is sensitive and responsive to the energy in your food to varying degrees, but not one of you is immune to this energetic absorption...


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