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October 28 - November 3,  2016


An Akashic Perspective on Embracing Change


Why do we resist change when we know it’s inevitable? How can we learn to be more accepting of change?

Because change is such a constant part of everything in the Universe, part of what makes human beings unique is your ability to create constancy. In order to create and exist in the third dimensional world, it is your job as human beings to build stability and hold things in place amidst change. This is what enabled you to evolve and develop higher ideas and more complex ways of experiencing the world.

For a long time, your ability to create constancy in the midst of change was so much smaller than the ever-constant change that it never occurred to you to resist change or deny it. You simply worked to hold things in place as you moved through change. Eventually your ability to hold things in place became greater than your awareness of change, and you began to rely upon the work you did to hold things in place. At this point, humanity evolved toward comfort rather than toward health and happiness, and that evolution rested upon a reliance on constancy. You began to see change as an unusual circumstance and as a threat to your comfort. This is how you began to resist change. Once humanity began to resist change, your societies evolved to protect you from noticing change. Instead of seeing the existence of God in the changing seasons of nature, you began to imagine a God who remains constant and unchanging. Instead of spending your time outdoors in the shifting weather, you developed work that kept you indoors for long periods of time. Your attachment to comfort led you to a further denial of change and, ironically, has made you feel unhappy with changes even though they are inevitable.

Ultimately you do not desire constancy. You desire the ability to navigate changes in ways that allow you to be creative. In the past, you had to work to hold things still – now you find yourselves needing to work to accept change. Eventually, you will hold enough stillness amidst change that you can easily move between both. When you do this, you can become creative using constancy just enough to help you use change for your highest benefit. Most of you have healing to do in terms of your attachments to comfort. Most of you are “comfortably uncomfortable.”

You have become comfortable with your limiting beliefs, habits, and routines even though they do not bring you happiness. You yearn for things to change, but you fear that change will be uncomfortable. The only way out of this is to notice the changes that already occur in your life every day – even in every moment. No two breaths, and no two heartbeats are the same. Notice the emotions that arise when you pay attention to small changes, and deal with these emotions. Then, notice bigger changes and deal with those. As you regain a sense of comfort with changes, it allows you to stop resisting bigger changes when they come. And this lack of resistance helps you think more clearly and make more empowered choices in regard to those changes. This ability is creativity. This ability holds the key for you to be truly and happy and comfortable in all things. Sounds simple, right? It is simply but can take many years to master. Keep returning your attention to the small changes. One breath at a time.

How can we move away from societal pressures and accept ourselves, and find self-love just the way we are?
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The terms indigo and crystal children are used to describe the idea that children who have been born in the last two or three generations have been bringing a new kind of light to Planet Earth.  This is something that was new about 30, 40 even 50 years ago.  Essentially humanity, for thousands of years before this, has been born with the same basic contract as far as what it means to be human.  Any given person being born, brought in part of their soul's energy and part of their soul's energy was clouded or covered by a veil.  You forgot who you really were in order to become human.  That dynamic of remembering a little bit of your soul, but forgetting most of who you really are, has been relatively steady for thousands of years in the average human baby being born.  Beginning in the 1960s and 1970s and really picking up in the 1980s and '90s, every now and then a child would be born with a different kind of contract.  Their contract said they would forget less of who they were.  That they would remember more of their soul and their soul's purpose and therefore they would be bringing more light to Planet Earth.  But, it would also be more difficult for them to be here because by carrying that light, they would find this world feels a little bit uncomfortable; it feels very dark to them.  More than it does to other children. 
In the 1960s and '70s, the rate of these children began to rise.  In the 1960s you might say that one in every thousand children, in the 1970s it became more like one in every hundred children.  By the 1990s, about 70 or 80 percent of children were born with indigo energy or an indigo contract.  Indigo is just a name that helps describe the aura and the color quality of the energy in these children.  You gave them the name indigo in order to help describe that something was shifting in the human contract.  In the fundamental contract that a soul makes when they become human, it is now possible to include more of your soul.  It is now possible to remember more of who you really are and still be a human being.  At some point along the way in the '80s and the '90s, an even larger contract, an even more expansive and enlightened contract became possible.  So you gave those children a different name - the crystal children.  There have been different iterations.  Now that the door has been opened by indigo and crystal children and they have stabilized the experience of holding more light in their human form, they have made way for all kinds of new contracts to happen.  A soul being born now into a human life can create an indigo contract or a crystal contract or something different - a rainbow contract, a violet contract.  There are all kinds of different agreements a person makes when they become human.  These contracts describe or reflect varying levels of forgetfulness – how much you will forget your soul’s wisdom.  Varying levels of light that you are able to bring with you when you are born. 
This is all part of the evolution of humanity but what we can say now at this point is that if you are alive on Planet Earth, then you are connected to enlightenment energy.  There are enough human beings moving through enlightenment now and moving through enlightenment means renegotiating your contract in order to include more light in order to remember more of who you really are.  That it no longer matters whether you were born indigo or born crystal.  You can become indigo or crystal through your own enlightenment process.  It was important for you to recognize that there was something special about these children back when you first recognized them but now it is most important that you recognize that all of you are special.  Every one of you chose to be alive on Planet Earth at this time because humanity is evolving toward light and you play a fundamental role in that evolution.  
It can be very useful to look back and realize that you were an indigo child or a crystal child.  It can be very useful to acknowledge the children in your life and what contracts and special needs they might have because they are indigo, crystal or something else.  But, ultimately the most important thing you can do is to recognize that the indigo energy or the crystal energy is simply a shift in who you are and how much light you bring into your life and carry in your body.  That light becomes bigger as you heal the things that hold you back, as you heal and let go of your own darkness and your shadow and you step into more love in your everyday life.  You, all of you, can be indigo or crystal.  In fact you are becoming so every day as you move through enlightenmentSaveSaveSave
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