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October 21-27,  2016


An Akashic Perspective on Romantic Love


What is the best way to bring more loving and romantic relationships into our lives?

The key to attracting loving relationships of all kinds, both romantic and nonromantic, is to deeply embrace the fact that human beings are born with a much higher capacity to give Love than they have to receive Love.  In fact, Every baby is born has a capacity for giving Love that is about ten times greater than their capacity for receiving Love.  That capacity for Love is equivalent also to the need for Love.  Babies, children, and adults who are emotionally healthy have a much stronger need to love others than they have a need to be loved by others.  

Every person needs to be loved as well as to love, but the wonderful thing about human beings is that you are built to give more than you take.  This ensures that there will be more than enough to go around.  Unfortunately, because people have been hurt and they often close their hearts in order to protect themselves, it can sometimes feel like there is not enough Love to go around.  But, the truth is, every person is built to be a generator of Love.  You have so much more Love to give than any of you are giving.  And, your need to give that Love will fulfill you so much more than trying to get more Love.  

Human beings are built to be attracted to Love.  It is the one thing that every single person wants.  The way to get more Love is to give more Love.  There is nothing more attractive to someone than a person who is generating Love.   If you could look at your energy fields, you would see that the human energy field is fluid. The energy in your field is like a river or an ocean -- it is always in motion.  It is like water, it is always in motion.  Your life force energy does not sit still.  There is always a flow and therefore a direction.  At any moment, your energy is moving outward or inward.  When you give Love, your energy moves outward.  When you are receiving Love, it moves inward.  

At any given moment, you are generating Love and putting it out into the world, or you are seeking Love and pulling energy inward.  It is rarely both. When you are in need, your energy field sucks energy in from the world around you.  People can sense this flow, and they tend to avoid someone who is pulling energy inward.  Most people are attracted to those who are shining energy outward, and this happens when you are giving Love.  

Of course, just like with ocean tides, in order to stay in balance your energy moves in both directions at different times.  You must give and take.  You have to ask for things and need things and receive and you also need to give Love and generate Love.  To be a healthy human being, and to be the very best you can be as a human, you would spend about ten times more energy giving Love than you would spend receiving Love.  That would be the perfect balance for a healthy human being.  

Unfortunately, many of you get caught into a pattern of chronic need.  Because very few children grow up with all of their needs being perfectly fulfilled, most of you have a deficit as far as needing to feel Loved by others.  Being in a constant state of need becomes a self-fulfilling problem.  If you walk into a relationship with need, with your flow moving inward, people shy away because every other person out there is longing to be loved as well.  Few people are going to want to give their Love to you if you are just sucking it up without sharing more Love than you are taking.  

On the other hand, if you are giving Love you become very attractive.  Instead of thinking about your own need and your own wishes and your own fears, if you walk into a room and you look for someone to Love and you share as much Love as you can, you become the person who is most loved by others.  It is a paradox, that if you are most willing to give Love then you become filled with the most Love.  Looking for people to Love, sharing as much Love as you can, and holding an ongoing attitude of forgiveness and grace makes you very attractive.  

It is not meant to be that you give away your time and energy or that you allow yourself to be drained in order to offer Love.  The Love we suggest you offer is held in your heart, so that even if you refuse a request or step away from someone’s need, you can do it with Love in your heart.  Your need to love others is based in the attitude of forgiveness that you offer as you witness and support those around you.  It is not meant to be that you make yourself a martyr in order to give Love.

In regard to romantic relationships and attracting a romantic mate, then we can say it does not matter what people you choose to offer Love.  If you are sharing Love with anyone, it makes you more attractive to potential romantic mates.  If you are looking for a romantic partner, do not limit your affection and attention to potential mates.  If you do, you hold the wish that people will love you and that creates the inward flow of energy that is unattractive.  Instead, walk into the room and hold Love in your heart for every person regardless of whether you have romantic interest or not.  Think of how you can make someone’s day happier.  Smile.  Shine your light without the need for that someone to like you in return.  This attitude of Love makes you like a light bulb glowing with energy.  Everyone in the room will feel drawn to you, and this includes the people who may be romantic mates.  

Once you establish a habit of Love, you will have the problem of abundance.  Too many people will want to be your friend, your neighbor, or your mate.  You will need to learn to say "No" in order to preserve your own time and energy, rather than the problem of scarcity.  Cultivate a lifestyle in which you spend time each day thinking of how you can share Love with an elderly neighbor, your best friend's child, your parents, your co-workers – even with the birds that fly past your window.  Every time you think about how much you Love someone or something, every time you do something generous and kind, every time you open your heart and really enjoy someone, you become a glow light.  Your energy field is moving outward and you become very attractive.  That is the best way to bring both more Love into your life and more romantic partners.  It is also the best way to establish the healthiest balance as far as your energy field to generate far more Love than you receive.

Is there really someone for all of us in the romantic sense?  Are some people destined to be alone without a romantic partner?
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The terms indigo and crystal children are used to describe the idea that children who have been born in the last two or three generations have been bringing a new kind of light to Planet Earth.  This is something that was new about 30, 40 even 50 years ago.  Essentially humanity, for thousands of years before this, has been born with the same basic contract as far as what it means to be human.  Any given person being born, brought in part of their soul's energy and part of their soul's energy was clouded or covered by a veil.  You forgot who you really were in order to become human.  That dynamic of remembering a little bit of your soul, but forgetting most of who you really are, has been relatively steady for thousands of years in the average human baby being born.  Beginning in the 1960s and 1970s and really picking up in the 1980s and '90s, every now and then a child would be born with a different kind of contract.  Their contract said they would forget less of who they were.  That they would remember more of their soul and their soul's purpose and therefore they would be bringing more light to Planet Earth.  But, it would also be more difficult for them to be here because by carrying that light, they would find this world feels a little bit uncomfortable; it feels very dark to them.  More than it does to other children. 
In the 1960s and '70s, the rate of these children began to rise.  In the 1960s you might say that one in every thousand children, in the 1970s it became more like one in every hundred children.  By the 1990s, about 70 or 80 percent of children were born with indigo energy or an indigo contract.  Indigo is just a name that helps describe the aura and the color quality of the energy in these children.  You gave them the name indigo in order to help describe that something was shifting in the human contract.  In the fundamental contract that a soul makes when they become human, it is now possible to include more of your soul.  It is now possible to remember more of who you really are and still be a human being.  At some point along the way in the '80s and the '90s, an even larger contract, an even more expansive and enlightened contract became possible.  So you gave those children a different name - the crystal children.  There have been different iterations.  Now that the door has been opened by indigo and crystal children and they have stabilized the experience of holding more light in their human form, they have made way for all kinds of new contracts to happen.  A soul being born now into a human life can create an indigo contract or a crystal contract or something different - a rainbow contract, a violet contract.  There are all kinds of different agreements a person makes when they become human.  These contracts describe or reflect varying levels of forgetfulness – how much you will forget your soul’s wisdom.  Varying levels of light that you are able to bring with you when you are born. 
This is all part of the evolution of humanity but what we can say now at this point is that if you are alive on Planet Earth, then you are connected to enlightenment energy.  There are enough human beings moving through enlightenment now and moving through enlightenment means renegotiating your contract in order to include more light in order to remember more of who you really are.  That it no longer matters whether you were born indigo or born crystal.  You can become indigo or crystal through your own enlightenment process.  It was important for you to recognize that there was something special about these children back when you first recognized them but now it is most important that you recognize that all of you are special.  Every one of you chose to be alive on Planet Earth at this time because humanity is evolving toward light and you play a fundamental role in that evolution.  
It can be very useful to look back and realize that you were an indigo child or a crystal child.  It can be very useful to acknowledge the children in your life and what contracts and special needs they might have because they are indigo, crystal or something else.  But, ultimately the most important thing you can do is to recognize that the indigo energy or the crystal energy is simply a shift in who you are and how much light you bring into your life and carry in your body.  That light becomes bigger as you heal the things that hold you back, as you heal and let go of your own darkness and your shadow and you step into more love in your everyday life.  You, all of you, can be indigo or crystal.  In fact you are becoming so every day as you move through enlightenmentSaveSaveSave
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