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(Excerpt from the Featured Topic Channeling for July 20 - 26, 2014)


An Akashic Perspective on  Healing Work and Holding Light



Are there best ways to pray or to send healing?  Is there a period of time that it is best to hold light and does the length of time matter?

There are some guidelines for making prayer and sending healing light more efficient or more effective.  Those guidelines are pretty loose.  They can be applied in really broad ways because there really is no single best way to send healing energy.  It depends on who you are, it depends on the nature of the situation and it depends on the people that you are working with.  The first answer is that there is no single best way.  In general, the best thing you can do when you are working with meditation, healing, prayer or sending light in any form, the best thing you can do is listen to yourself.  Bring a sense of curiosity to the process; be willing to see whatever comes up for you.  Whatever it is, continue to infuse it with light.  Whether it is your own self-doubt or whether it is the question of if you have been doing it long enough to be effective.  Simply infuse that question with light and then use that curiosity to see what you see.  You may see that there is still a shadow, so continue to infuse the light.  You may see that everything around you is clear and white at that point and you know that you are finished.  While most of you did not grow up learning the skill of seeing Spirit and seeing Light clearly, all of you are capable of reclaiming that skill and developing it anew.  The single most valuable tool in developing it is curiosity.  Curiosity founded on a sense that you are good, a sense that all is well in the universe and a sense that you are filled with love and that love is infinite.  As long as you rest on that sense, then employ curiosity to see what you see.

Then in that seeing, the best way to determine the timing for sending healing as far as whether or not your transmission has completed, is if you are centered in that light and you are centered in your meditation, then you have felt some kind of shift in your own energy.  This is part of the process, part of what makes prayer and healing efficient is that you are not just having a passing thought, but you are taking the time needed and using the words or the images that can help you pull your own attention into a new vibration, into a meditative state.  This happens whether you are saying your morning prayers or whether you are sitting in a yoga class in a deep meditation.  The difference between a passing thought and a prayer is that you give enough time for yourself to enter into a new state of being.  The quieting of the mind, the relaxing of the body, the calming of your emotions, these shifts bring you into a state of prayer or a state of meditation.  And it is from that place that you can best transmit light.  In other words, you cannot send light if you are not sitting in the light yourself.  It is the very same law that tells you that you cannot truly love another anymore than you love yourself.  Your capacity for love initiates from your capacity for self-love.  For some of you, if you are having a rough day it may take many minutes or even hours to bring yourself to that place of quiet and acceptance.  For others of you on any other given day, it may be in just a flash of an instant that you enter that state of calm.  It depends on who you are, it depends on where you are in the practice and it depends on what is going on for you at the time you begin your practice.  Have patience, be curious.  This is the reason that so many spiritual paths or so many religions teach that it is incredibly valuable to choose a meditative or a prayer practice and to cultivate it, to stay with it, to actually practice it so that what  you cultivate for yourself is a bridge between any state of being and that centered meditative state.  If you have cultivated an ongoing meditation practice or prayer practice, then it is easier to walk across the bridge and more quickly tune into that state of being, the state of prayer.

Once you are there, as you are sending the light, you may find that within just a few seconds it is complete.  You feel that the light shifted, you do not see any shadow in your mind's eye and even if it was only five seconds, your transmission is complete.  At other times, it can be useful to hold it for a long period.  Ultimately, loving, healing light is infinite and it is timeless.  You can send it tomorrow, you can send it yesterday, you can send it right now and it will go to where it needs to go.  All of you are receiving blessings from your future selves and from your past selves.  All of the intentions you have set for yourself for the future are creating active blessings for yourself once you get there.  All of the ways you will look back on your life with forgiveness, acceptance and love for yourself are - in the future - are blessing you right now.  In a similar way, you can hold the light for a long time or for a short time and transmit the same amount of light.  It all depends on your state of being and it depends on the situation.  Again, the best thing you can do is be curious.  Just notice what you feel.  If you still feel some shadow there, continue to hold the light.  If you feel a sense of completion, move on.  Of course it will not always be clear to you.  That is another benefit of cultivating an ongoing meditation practice is you refine your ability to sense the light and therefore sense completion or sense remaining shadows that need further attention.

How valuable is it to have a candle burning and hold the light for a few seconds each time I pass by the candle?  

It is very valuable.  That is one of thousands of different forms of prayer.  What you might call this form of prayer, you are activating a symbol.  People may do this with crystals, other kinds of objects and they certainly do it with candles, you hold that thing in your hand or you light the candle, and as you light it or you hold it, you infuse it with the love and the light you wish to send so that it becomes actually like a magical talisman.  It becomes both a reminder to you of that intention which further attunes you to sending that light and it holds the potential for the light so that anything you do further with that object will be attenuated toward the light.  This is something you can do with everything.  You can do it with something you own, you can infuse or activate your entire home if you would like to.  This is what people do when they move into a new space and they bless the space.  This is what people do when they get a little plaque that says, "God bless this home."  They are actually creating a magical object that calls in the light.  But of course the calling in of the light only occurs as you continue to tune into the magic or the divine intention that you have infused into the object...


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