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August 21 – 27,  2016


An Akashic Perspective on Wild Animals


What role do wild animals play in our personal lives as human

Wild animals, just like domestic animals, are deeply connected with
humanity. Every animal species has a unique contract, and when each
animal species agreed to evolve into their unique form here on Planet Earth
in involved an agreement to be in harmony with all other species, including
human beings. Each species has a role to play and things you promised one
another as species.

For you as individual humans, when you come across a wild animal, there
is almost always a personal reason for it. Your soul agrees to cross paths
with a particular animal for a reason. This is true about every experience
you have -- your soul agrees that everything that happens in your life will
happen. So when you make a contract to cross paths with a wild animal, it
is usually because there is something you need to learn or understand by
seeing or feeling or hearing that animal. As individuals, you are guided by
your individual soul, so you tend to make very individual decisions about
where you will be and how you will respond to things. Animals tend to act
more according to their instincts, and their instincts are deeply connected
with the overarching flow of their species. This means that individual
animals are more an expression of their species than they are an expression
of their individuality. For instance, all panthers across the world are
connected in a way that is similar to group mind energy, though they do not
share thoughts with each other. When a panther responds to its instincts, it
stays in alignment with the divine purpose of the entire panther species.

What that means is that you as a human, if you need to cross path with a
panther in order to learn your next life lesson, your individual soul sends
out a metaphysical call to the panther species and says, "I need to cross
paths with one of you. Would you be willing to cross paths with me?"
What happens next is similar to what happens when you call 9-1-1 -- the
nearest panther will be dispatched, just like the nearest paramedic would be
dispatched. Only rarely is there a single individual panther that you must
meet. It is much more common that you need to meet up with a member of
the panther species and any one of them will do. And so the dispatch occurs
when those panthers feel an instinct to be in a certain place at a certain
time. By following their instincts that day, they end up crossing your path
because the collective soul of panthers has made an agreement with your
individual soul and you both get to have the experience you want to have at
a soul level. For instance, it may be you need to experience fear and then
resolution from that fear, crossing paths with a panther just might help you
do that. If you need to experience a sense of a calling or a sense that life is
more magical than you realized, crossing paths with a panther might do that
as well.

There are many individual experiences you might be able to fulfill by
crossing paths with a particular member of the animal kingdom. We
use panther as a potent example, but the very same thing is true for a
woodpecker or a sparrow or a garden snake, or other kinds of animals that
you might encounter more often. Do not underestimate the importance
of wild animals in your life that are common to your life. Even if you see
garden snakes often, every time you see one, there is a reason for it. Every
time you see one, there is a connection between you and that animal, and
there is meaning to be found. Notice how you feel when you see it, and how
your energy changes based on your reaction to the animal. Think about
what that animal represents to you symbolically. There is always something
for you to gain when you encounter an animal. This is also true for the
insect world. Never underestimate the power of crossing paths with a wild
animal. It is truly a sacred experience whether it be a common garden
snake, a wild panther, or anything in between

Is there a spiritual benefit to using native plants and other
gardening techniques to encourage insects, birds, and other wild
animals to enter one's property?


Why do some people react with fear when they encounter a wild
animal? Some people choose to shoot wild animals while others
of us revere them and admire them. Why do some people have so
much fear, especially when an animal is not threatening or bothering


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The terms indigo and crystal children are used to describe the idea that children who have been born in the last two or three generations have been bringing a new kind of light to Planet Earth.  This is something that was new about 30, 40 even 50 years ago.  Essentially humanity, for thousands of years before this, has been born with the same basic contract as far as what it means to be human.  Any given person being born, brought in part of their soul's energy and part of their soul's energy was clouded or covered by a veil.  You forgot who you really were in order to become human.  That dynamic of remembering a little bit of your soul, but forgetting most of who you really are, has been relatively steady for thousands of years in the average human baby being born.  Beginning in the 1960s and 1970s and really picking up in the 1980s and '90s, every now and then a child would be born with a different kind of contract.  Their contract said they would forget less of who they were.  That they would remember more of their soul and their soul's purpose and therefore they would be bringing more light to Planet Earth.  But, it would also be more difficult for them to be here because by carrying that light, they would find this world feels a little bit uncomfortable; it feels very dark to them.  More than it does to other children. 
In the 1960s and '70s, the rate of these children began to rise.  In the 1960s you might say that one in every thousand children, in the 1970s it became more like one in every hundred children.  By the 1990s, about 70 or 80 percent of children were born with indigo energy or an indigo contract.  Indigo is just a name that helps describe the aura and the color quality of the energy in these children.  You gave them the name indigo in order to help describe that something was shifting in the human contract.  In the fundamental contract that a soul makes when they become human, it is now possible to include more of your soul.  It is now possible to remember more of who you really are and still be a human being.  At some point along the way in the '80s and the '90s, an even larger contract, an even more expansive and enlightened contract became possible.  So you gave those children a different name - the crystal children.  There have been different iterations.  Now that the door has been opened by indigo and crystal children and they have stabilized the experience of holding more light in their human form, they have made way for all kinds of new contracts to happen.  A soul being born now into a human life can create an indigo contract or a crystal contract or something different - a rainbow contract, a violet contract.  There are all kinds of different agreements a person makes when they become human.  These contracts describe or reflect varying levels of forgetfulness – how much you will forget your soul’s wisdom.  Varying levels of light that you are able to bring with you when you are born. 
This is all part of the evolution of humanity but what we can say now at this point is that if you are alive on Planet Earth, then you are connected to enlightenment energy.  There are enough human beings moving through enlightenment now and moving through enlightenment means renegotiating your contract in order to include more light in order to remember more of who you really are.  That it no longer matters whether you were born indigo or born crystal.  You can become indigo or crystal through your own enlightenment process.  It was important for you to recognize that there was something special about these children back when you first recognized them but now it is most important that you recognize that all of you are special.  Every one of you chose to be alive on Planet Earth at this time because humanity is evolving toward light and you play a fundamental role in that evolution.  
It can be very useful to look back and realize that you were an indigo child or a crystal child.  It can be very useful to acknowledge the children in your life and what contracts and special needs they might have because they are indigo, crystal or something else.  But, ultimately the most important thing you can do is to recognize that the indigo energy or the crystal energy is simply a shift in who you are and how much light you bring into your life and carry in your body.  That light becomes bigger as you heal the things that hold you back, as you heal and let go of your own darkness and your shadow and you step into more love in your everyday life.  You, all of you, can be indigo or crystal.  In fact you are becoming so every day as you move through enlightenment
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