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(Excerpt from the Featured Topic Channeling for August 17 - 23, 2014)


An Akashic Perspective on Physical and Metaphysical Laws



As the process of Ascension occurs, is there a law that is changing or shifting with it, such as the Law of Gravity or the Law of Duality?

It is not that the physical laws are changing – it is all of you who are changing.  Therefore you are able to operate outside of the physical laws.  There are a whole set of physical laws that have been articulated by your physicists.  These physical laws are true for this world.  For those of you limited to the thirds dimension, those laws are true, irrefutable and provable.  They do exist.  They are laws.  All of you, even as you exist in third dimension, also exist in higher dimensions.  All of you are multilayered.  Every single third dimensional human being exists in all of the higher dimensions at the very same time.  Therefore, there are parts of you that are not beholden to the physical laws; your soul or your spirit, those are the words that you typically use, are not beholden to physical laws.  When you pray or send a blessing to someone, the energy of your spirit actually travels through time and space or transcends the laws of time and space in order to deliver that blessing or connect with someone far away.

There is a sense that just about every human has encountered within themselves of transcending physical laws, of somehow being connected with someone outside of your time and space or somehow aware of something occurring outside of your time and space.  Some of you have had prophetic dreams, some have felt as if you have visited the past, and other such experiences.  Most of you have some experiential evidence for your existence outside of the physical laws that your scientists articulated.  In the larger universe, there are some laws that might be called metaphysical laws, but there are far  fewer of them than there are in this world of the physical laws.  For example, in this world, you have figured out that light energy can be transformed into matter; that energy waves can be transformed into matter or into atoms or subatomic particles.  You know there are physical laws governing light and matter.  One of which is in this world that energy/matter is finite.  That if some packet of energy is turned into matter, that energy no longer exists in energy form, it is in matter form and vice versa.  For instance there is a law that tells you energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transferred.  This is true in the third dimension.

Outside of this world, the metaphysical law of the universe says that energy can be transformed into matter but that energy is endless -- it is not finite.  When one packet of energy is used to make one form of matter, another packet of energy can emerge from the ethers, so to speak.  There is an endless source of energy in the Universe.  That is one example of a similarity and a difference between the physical laws of this world and the metaphysical laws of the Universe.  The thing that is happening for those of you going through Enlightenment is that as a human being in the third dimension you are beholden to third dimensional laws, or physical laws.  But there is always a part of you that is not beholden to those laws.  Your soul or your spirit is always outside of them living only by the metaphysical laws, which are again, far fewer and far more expansive.  As you move through Enlightenment, all of those physical laws still exist on Planet Earth but your consciousness, and therefore the way you exist as a human being, is shifting to a space where you can connect with and live by metaphysical laws.  One of the ways that you could see this happening is in those people who have developed spiritual and physical practices by which they have access to infinite energy.  In a very extreme level you have seen it in some people not eating but continue to have energy without taking in physical fuel.  That is an extreme version but it is illuminating, which shows that there is a source of energy outside of what you understand as your physical laws.

Through the process of Enlightenment - and there are many different ways to go through the process of Enlightenment - you are capable of tapping into that endless source of energy rather than being beholden to the physical law that tells you that energy cannot be created or destroyed.  It is not that the law is changing, it is that as you go through Enlightenment, you are able to operate outside of those physical laws even though you are still in the physical body.  This is what Enlightenment is.  The profoundly interesting thing about it is that if you were to die and no longer live in a physical body, living with those expansive metaphysical laws would be no big deal.  You would instantly remember that you are a spirit, that matter exists endlessly, that you can create anything you want to and it would be normal for you outside of your physical body for you to have those abilities.  As long as you are in your physical body, having some of those abilities to operate outside of physical laws is quite magical and interesting.  It is also important that you attain impeccable accountability for your actions because when you are able to operate outside of physical laws you can have a profound affect on the physical world.  You have to bring yourselves to such a high level of awareness of your actions, of your intentions and such a high level of accountability for your actions and intentions that you do not hurt yourself and others as you step out of the physical laws.  That is why Enlightenment is so slow for most of you.  Because you are learning as you go how to be accountable.

It will be possible for some of you to transcend the law of gravity.  It will be possible for some of you to transcend the law of time or space.  Some of you are finding this.  Some of you have actually had dreams, visions or meditations in which you visit another place.  Let us say your sister's house in another city and you might have done something there like moved an object from a table to a chair for instance.  Then when you wake up in the morning or when you come out of your meditation, you can call your sister and ask her, "Is that object on the chair or the table"?  She will be surprised to find that it is on the chair because she does not remember moving it.  It is because you moved it.  You are capable of doing this kind of teleportation or bilocation.  Many of you are doing it accidentally or purposefully.  This is one example of how you can transcend the laws of time and space.  It is not so much the laws are changing, it is that some of you are developing the ability.  You are becoming beholden to a higher law.  Being beholden to a higher law is much more difficult.  Little mistakes lead to big consequences so do not rush into this, but do know that Enlightenment will lead you to those higher physical laws.

Can you provide descriptions of the dimensions?  What are the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th dimensions?  How many dimensions are there?

There are infinite dimensions.  From the perspective of Earth anddhuman beings, that number gets smaller depending on how far out you can see.  There is no human mind that is yet able of perceiving all of the dimensions because there is no human mind yet who is capable of perceiving infinity.  There are human minds who are capable of perceiving the idea of infinity.  Many of you have been able to bit by bit grasp this sensation of infinite dimensions.  Do not worry, you do not need to see them all and it is not really possible anyway.  There are different models or some people have gotten together and created models or agreements about how many dimensions can be accessed by human beings.  One of those models tells you there are thirty-three dimensions, and that is accurate for a group of people.  Thirty-three Dimensions is as much as they can or need to perceive.  There are models that tell you there are five dimensions, seven dimensions, nine dimensions or twelve dimensions.  So it depends on who you are, what you need at the time and it depends on what you are capable of perceiving or what would be useful for you to perceive.  The most enlightened answer here is do not get hung up on the number of dimensions.  Assume that it is infinite.  Instead ask yourself, “What dimensions am I drawn to, interested in or connected with right now and what can I learn from those.”  There are many, many different practices for having interdimensional experiences.  Everything from meditation to healing sessions to sweat lodges to using psychedelic drugs.  Without harming yourself, simply connect with the dimensions that you feel interested in.  Do not worry about the rest.  They are not real if you are not connected with them right now.  They are not part of your reality so it does not matter...


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