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(Excerpt from the Featured Topic Channeling for November 23 - 29, 2014)


An Akashic Perspective on Sacred Places and Power Spots



Are there parts of the Earth with more light because of the beings there?
There are areas of the Earth that embrace more Light and that have agreed to be gateways for more Light, while other areas of the Earth are choosing to block more of the Light out.  Be careful about judgments you might have about this.  There are some good reasons to continue to block out Divine Light.  For instance, when more Light is let in, it becomes more possible for beings to ascend into 5th dimension.  Once one has ascended into 5th dimension, many experiences are no longer available -- you cannot have sex, you cannot eat, you cannot cry, you cannot run, you cannot breathe, and you cannot cut your skin and experience the magic of healing.  There are many amazing things that we do here that we cannot do once we leave 3rd dimensional experience.  There are many beings who are very interested and still continue to do important work with 3rd dimension.  In order to do this work, they are creating different levels at which to block the Light.  Every being is free to choose the Light they work with, regardless of the levels of Light surrounding them in any given place.  Some choose to continue to work in 3rd dimension, even though there is suffering in 3rd dimension.  This work is very courageous and very exciting.  Alternatively, many beings are figuring out how to straddle 3rd dimension and the 5th dimension; others gaze toward 5th dimension and say, “Bring it on, I will work there.”  You might notice that you feel drawn to various places on the planet in order to collect and learn from the energies there and the energies there have a lot to do with the amount of Light embraced by that physical place.  Remember, any Being can incorporate and work with as much of the Divine Light as they choose, regardless of their location.

Is the amount of light related to sacred or power spots on the Earth?

The amount of Light is related to power spots on Earth, but it does not determine their power.  We sense power as both Darkness and Light.  The terms used for sacred spots or power places can mean different things.  There is something called a vortex, an area on the planet where the energy lines that create our realities cross or have a certain relationship to each other that can manifest in many different ways according to the energies of those particular lines.  There are also portals, which are gateways through which 5th dimensional Beings may enter our realities.  There are also caverns or incubators, which are areas where the space and the beings in that space have chosen to block out light in various ways in order to incubate a certain kind of experience.  Any given place might be serving a higher function or be a power or sacred spot.  If you want to ask about a particular place, you may...


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