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(Excerpt from the Featured Topic Channeling for July 27 - August 2, 2014)


An Akashic Perspective on Sleep



How can we interpret and understand our dreams?

The key to interpreting your dreams is to learn to recognize and understand your own internal spiritual language.  Your internal spiritual language is based on the meaning that you associate with symbols and actions.  You will find many different dictionaries of dream symbols and other external resources for looking at your dreams.  All of those can be helpful, but ultimately the truth about your dreams will emerge when you explore your own personal meaning.  For instance, if a dream dictionary tells you that if you dream about a tornado, it represents chaos.  But you ask yourself, what do I think of when I think of a tornado and the first thing you think of is excitement.  Then the tornado in your dream is telling you about excitement.  It might be that your dream is telling you about excitement and chaos and how they co-exist, but it will always include your personal meaning for the symbol.

You must always look first to your personal language, the meaning that you hold for the world around you.  That is the first and most important principle for dream interpretation.  This is also the first and most important principle for interpreting your own Akashic Records or for your own intuition.  It is important to always ask yourself first, what does this mean to me?  What words come to mind when I think of this thing?  What feelings come up?  Do I associate this with a color or a smell or a particular memory in my life?  When you get information from your dreams, it is coming through your mind based on your personal spiritual language, so your personal meaning for things must be explored first.

Here is an exercise you can use to find your personal language.  It is often useful to break your dreams down into simple elements.  Make a list of the objects that appear in your dream.  Make a list of the people or characters that appear in your dream.  Make a simple list of the events that occur.  Be sure this is simple -- just two or three words that describe what it is.  Break it down into simple elements and then go through a free association exercise in which for each of those elements you write down the first four words that come to mind or the first five words that come to mind.  For example, if you saw a bird in your dream, write bird in your list and then next to it write a list of five words that come to mind when you think of birds.  Do you think of freedom?  Joy?  Lightness?  Or, do you think they are scary?  Unpredictable?  Wise?  Whatever comes to mind, write it next to the original symbol.  There is no judgment and it does not need to make sense.  Do not judge what you are seeing because then you will miss some of the information.  If you will do that, then you can by taking apart the elements, you can start to understand some of the meanings imbedded in the dream.  For instance, if you associate birds with freedom, and the bird in your dream was flying away, perhaps your dream is telling you that you are losing your freedom.  This exercise works best if you can make the symbols as simple as possible.  Objects, characters, and actions are symbols.  So are colors, movements (such as up or down), and other descriptive elements.

Finally, it is often useful to consider that every element in the dream is an aspect of you.  Sometimes people have prophetic dreams in which they are getting information about others or what is going to happen to others but, 90% of the time, your dreams are giving you information about you.  They are telling you aspects of yourself and your journey.  So you can usually assume that any person, object or event that happens in the dream is an aspect of you.  If you see your sister in the dream, explore what meaning you assign to your sister and then ask yourself how are these things part of me?  Whatever your sister did in the dream is telling you how those parts of yourselves are behaving or how they are operating in your life.

Those are three essential principles you can apply to dream interpretation.  Then, when you are ready, you can apply these same principles to interpreting your intuition, including what comes from the Akashic Records.  Always remember that the different books and other resources to help you interpret your dreams can be useful as long as you first listen to your personal language.  Then you will find that external resources like books will give you additional insights and enrich your interpretation.  Be sure to choose which books and resources fit you and let go of those that do not. Have fun!  Dream interpretation can be incredibly joyful and inquisitive.  Do not worry too much about getting it right.  Let it be an exploration of your birthright – to see beyond the veil and understand!

Is there a way that we can hold more consciousness about what we are actually doing when we sleep?

An excellent thing to do is to get a recorder of some kind, like a voice recorder that has eight hours of recording time on it and turn it on when you go to sleep.  Then listen to it the next day.  Many of you are talking all night long.  If you have a sleeping partner, you might take shifts.  Have one person be awake or stay near you while you are asleep to – it seems that often people sleep for about two hours, then they either wake up or they start talking for about two hours and then they go back to sleep or they stop talking for about two hours and then they either talk again or they wake up.  That is really generalized but there is some kind of rhythm or pattern and when you are not waking up with the insomnia symptoms that some people have with Ascension, you are very likely just talking through the period that you would have been awake.  That is one good way to access...


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