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(Excerpt from the Featured Topic Channeling for May 24 - 30, 2015)



An Akashic Perspective on  Addictions, Alcohol and Drugs


What are the spiritual effects of alcohol and drugs?

Alcohol and drugs, both synthetic and natural drugs, have one universal effect.  They all change the way your energy field works – and most drugs and alcohol reduce the effectiveness of your energetic boundaries.  We cannot outline the thousands of drugs here, but we will discuss some of the common ones.

Alcohol always blurs the lines of your energy field.  The natural psychic and energetic protection that exists in every human being is diffused when alcohol is used.  This can lead you to feel less separate from people around you, so it mimics the feeling of connection.  It also makes you more susceptible to the energetic influence of others.  You may be more prone to feel others’ feelings or think others’ thoughts.  It is important to be mindful about who and what will be in your physical surroundings when you ingest alcohol, because you will be greatly affected by your surroundings on an energetic level.

Another common drug, marijuana, also blurs the lines of your energy field.  Marijuana in its pure form softens your entire energy field and opens a gateway to your fourth-dimensional self.  The experience leads you to feel yourself as if you were your spirit.  Because the physical brain and the third-dimensional mind cannot comprehend the difference, you feel as if you are living a real experience when you are actually not walking through the steps of that experience.  For instance, you might feel as if you had a busy day when in fact you did not do very much at all.  This is similar to a fantasy experience or like virtual reality.  This is also similar to what people experience through computer programs such as “Second Life.”  You feel as if you are living something real, but you are not living it in the third dimension.

Finally, caffeine provides an entirely different experience.  Caffeine also blurs the lines of your energy field, but it does not break down the boundary that protects you energetically.  Instead, caffeine creates something like holes in your energy field that drain the energy from field.  As the energy is moving outward, it enables you to use that energy in your daily life.  The human energy field is naturally circular – you continually recycle and replenish your energy naturally when you take care of your body and mind.  When you ingest caffeine, the energy become linear instead of circular – it moves outward.  If you use caffeine, it is important that you be careful to replenish your body’s natural energy supply.  Drink water, sleep more than usual, and eat healthy food.  Meditation that connects you to the Earth and the Divine will also help restore the circular nature of your energy field.

Remember that everything in your environment affects you.  Alcohol and other drugs have distinct and sometimes powerful effects, but if you are really paying attention, you will realize that everything shifts your reality – from the color of your shirt to the person standing next to you.  Part of enlightenment involves coming to recognize those effects and taking accountability for them.  If you know something affects you negatively, take response-ability for avoiding it or protecting yourself.  The only rule for doing this right is to be honest with yourself about how you respond to your environment and take accountability for what you know.  As you do this consistently, your life will become more fun and vibrant!

Why are addictions so prevalent on Planet Earth?

Addiction is prevalent because of the fact that across the world, in every culture, everyone gets hurt in ways that they are not able to heal completely.  The entire human race is a race of the walking wounded.  All of you, every adult on Planet Earth, has been wounded and has not completely healed.  All of you have things held inside you, ways you were hurt that you have not healed yet.  The beautiful thing about human beings is that you are incredibly resilient.  There are ways that you are built to survive, carrying all of these wounds with you.  Yet you are meant to eventually heal them.  Your old wounds rise to the surface, and you are meant to feel them and let them go, restoring the love that existed before you were ever hurt in the first place

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